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Vedic Astroloy: Rahu In Leo by James Kelleher

Rahu In Leo
 January 9, 2016 - September 9, 2017 
(Yes, I use the True Node)

What better way to celebrate the new year than to anticipate a change of signs by the planet that is not really a planet, the significator of radical changes, Rahu.  For those of you who are saying Ra "who?",   Rahu and Ketu are the north and south nodes of the moon.  Technically, they are the points where  the Moon's orbit intersects the plane of the ecliptic. These points become important at the time of eclipses and are related to how the Sun or the Moon is blotted out by a shadow.   That is why Rahu and Ketu are called the chaya grahas, shadow planets.
Anyway, these two are obviously not really planets.  They have no physical presence.  For this reason, they signify a lack of clarity.  They tend to shadow or obfuscate the things related to the house where they are placed in the natal chart, and the house in which they are transiting.

Rahu and Ketu spend about 18 months (on the average) in a sign.  For the next 18 months they will be moving through the signs of Leo and Aquarius, respectively.  Rather than making this an opus grande, and trying to cover both of them in one article, I will talk about Ketu next month.  In this issue, I will talk about Rahu.

 In mythology, Rahu was a demon who wanted to get the nectar of the gods so badly that he ended up getting his head cut off.   The gods and the demons had been invited to a gathering where Vishnu, in the form of Mohini, a beautiful goddess,  was giving out the nectar to only the gods.  Rahu was desperate to get this nectar, which is the source of the god's immortality.  So he dressed up like a god, and sat between the Sun and the Moon.   When the nectar came around, Rahu took a sip and  imemediately became immortal.   Just then, the Sun and the Moon saw through his disguise and turned him in.  Vishnu immediately threw his discus and cut off Rahu's head.

Of course, he was already immortal, so it didn't kill him.  As his head was toppling from his body, Rahu cursed the Sun and the Moon for revealing his duplicity. From then on, Rahu has floated through the sky and, whenever he comes close enough to the sun or the Moon, he gobbles them up.  Naturally, having no body, they come out his neck immediately, which is how they explained eclipses in ancient times.

Following its mythological qualities, Rahu is considered to be the planet of sudden interruptions and unexpected events.  It is also considered to be an outcast.  So it represents all things foreign, unconventional and outside the box.  It is also the planet of things that are new, advanced, and cutting edge. It represents astrology, and it is also a planet of alternative healing modalities.

Rahu is also a planet of revolutionary change.  For example, in the chart of the United States, the Moon is in a nakshatra ruled by Rahu, which is why the US began with a revolutionary war.  At the moment, the USA is now beginning it's third Rahu period.  The first was characterized by the Revolutionary war and it's aftermath, the second Rahu period took place during the period from 1895 - 1913, which produced a technological revolution, and the third began in September of 2015.  I will be talking at length about this period during my annual presentation at East West Bookshop, in Mountain View California,  on January 30th.
So when Rahu transits through a sign or a house in a person's horoscope, it brings change and revolution to the things represented by that sign or house.  In Leo, and the nakshatras within that sign, Rahu will bring about it's revolutionary influence on the areas of self expression, rulers,  ancient  traditions,  spirituality, and wealth.  Leo is Ruled by the Sun, and since Rahu made no bones about his dislike for the Sun, this transit is also likely to increase tension and  difficulties world wide.   To add insult to injury, Mars and Saturn will be in a conjunction from late February to late September, so 2016 should contain more than its share of surprises.
During the first 8 months of this transit, Rahu will be conjoining Jupiter,  putting a good deal of pressure on Jupiter as well as creating Guru Chandala yoga.  This is a combination associated with outcasts, heretics and religious fanaticism.  This will probably create an increase in the pressure placed on ISIS by western countries, resulting in increased conflict.  It may also produce financial fluctuations. 

On the personal level,  Rahu's influence over the next 18 months will depend on what house it is transiting.  Normally there is an increased desire to make changes to the things represented by that house.   This can be a positive thing, if you are paying attention to your life and not simply sleepwalking .  Rahu can motivate you to blow up the stuck and stodgy aspects of the area of life that it is touching, and create a new and fresh condition.   It is the best planet for blasting us out of inertia. 

On the other hand, Rahu is also a planet of urgency.  In the story, Rahu was a guy who wanted the nectar of the gods so badly that he ended up getting his head cut off.   He got what he wanted, but it came at a price.  That price was the loss of his head.   In the real world, when Rahu transits a house, sometimes the person becomes so urgent about achieving the things represented by that house, that he sometimes acts rashly, resulting in unwanted side effects.  Like the guy who goes to buy a car, and becomes obsessed with the first shiny, red, convertible that he sees.  Without shopping around, he buys it on the spot.  A week later, he sees the same car advertised at half the price.  He got what he wanted, but his sense of urgency became the cause of mental distress.

So when Rahu transits through a house in your horoscope,  you are being challenged to bring constructive and intelligent revolution and change to the area of life represented by that house.  You are being asked to step outside the box, outside of the status quo, and reinvent that area.  But you are also being challenged to practice awareness and to not act only on a sense of urgency.  When you feel urgent or obsessed, the best idea is to step back, take a deep breath, and ask yourself if the idea you are intending to act upon, is actually as urgent as you think.   In this respect, I recommend a rule that I call "Rahu's Rule of Three".  If a strong desire to take some action, related to one of the significations of the house in which Rahu is transiting , comes up, then take a breath,  back off, and ask yourself if this is actually something that will lead you in a positive direction.  Then wait and see if it comes back a few days later.  If so, and if it seems like a good idea, then back off again and continue to patiently think about the idea for a while.  If it comes back a third time and you still think the action will serve you, then go for it.

To learn everything you ever wanted to know about Rahu and Ketu,  go to my website and download Unbelievably Wonderful Rahu and Ketu.  This is a two hour presentation that can be very helpful for understanding these two shadow planets, and for facilitating the process of getting  the most out of the upcoming Rahu and Ketu transits.

The following is a description of how Rahu in Leo might affect you from January 9, 2016 - September 9, 2017.    You can read the predictions given for your sun sign, but be sure to check the birth dates assigned to each Sun sign carefully, since we use a different Zodiac in Vedic astrology.   If you happen to know your Moon Sign,  Lagna, or Arudha Lagna, you can also read the results given for those signs as well. 

For all of the predictions given below,  I am giving a description of the various areas of life that may be affected by Rahu's transit.  In whatever area of life Rahu is affecting, it is important to watch your sense of urgency or the level of your attraction to that area.  Rahu's transit could make you intensely interested and passionate about something,  but it can also bring imbalance and obsessive involvement.  

Sometimes Rahu brings a sense of urgency in the form of worry, but normally the worries are not totally based in reality.   So whether you experience the area of life that Rahu is affecting in a positive way or a negative way, the key is to take a step back and try to see how your own attachment  and strong desire is causing a lack of balance.   Also ask yourself, how can I step outside of the box, and constructively change and revolutionize this area of my life.  And if that sounds like a recipe for a new year's resolution,  then go for it!

Vedic Sun Signs
Apr 14 - May 14  (Aries)   This period can promote romantin iterests, involvement with children, creativity, and education.   You might find yourself quite interested or even a little obsessed with any or all of these areas. 
May 15 - Jun 14 (Taurus).   During this period you might feel a strong desire to change or simply remodel your residence.  Avoid making big changes on impulse of out of a sense of urgency
Jun 15 - Jul 15 (Gemini)   You might feel a strong desire to communicate, study, do research, or simply gather information on the internet.  This period can also stimulate a good deal of short journeys and errands.
Jul 16 - Aug 16 (Cancer)   Rahu may give you the impulse to spend money or make money. In either case, take it easy.  Don't buy or spend on impulse.  This is also a period to monitor any addictive tendencies and to make some positive changes in your diet.
Aug 17 - Sep 16  (Leo)   During this period you could have a strong desire to express yourself.  You might also feel the desire to reinvent yourself.  This is a good time for putting an extra dose of ambitious energy into your career.
Sep 17 - Oct 16  (Virgo)   Rahu is transiting  through your 12th house, so it might stimulate an interest in foreign travel, or travel to exotic places.   This transit also suggests restless sleep and strange dreams.  Doing things that calm the mind, like meditation, can be quite helpful.
Oct 17 - Nov 15 (Libra)    During its transit of Leo, Rahu is pointing to the house of friendship.  This might suggest a greater interest in connecting with friends, groups, teams or organizations.  This is a good period for accomplishing goals, but it is important to also find time to relax and smell the flowers.
Nov 16 -Dec 15 (Scorpio)   Rahu is transiting your career house, so this period favors accomplishments at work and may get you to work at a hundred and ten percent.   This is also a good time for making constructive changes in your career, by either redefining it from within, or by completely changing it.
Dec 16 - Jan 13 (Sagittarius)  During this period, you might become attracted to esoteric or alternative spiritual concepts.  You might also feel the urge to travel to a foreign country or an exotic place.
Jan 14 - Feb 12 (Capricorn).    This period will bring about a number of changes.  It is a time of transformation and metamorphosis.  Change is good, but it is also good to not make changes purely out of a sense of urgency or restlessness.  So take your time and pay attention to your intuition.
Feb 13 - Mar 13 (Aquarius).   This period focuses on relationships and partnerships.  You might feel a strong desire to get into a relationship at this time, but in this respect, it is always good to take your time, especially if you feel very strongly attracted to someone.  Sometimes this transit produces an infatuation that doesn't always pan out.  Other times, it produces a relationships with someone foreign or unconventional.  If you are already in a relationship, this is a period to revolutionize it. 
Mar 14 - Apr 13 (Pisces)     During this period you might find yourself attracted to alternative healing modalities.   So the best idea is to do it pro-actively, in advance, as preventative medicine.  
World Predictions 2016

 I will be giving my World Predictions 2016  Presentation on January 30th.  Check my schedule, below, for more details.
Mercury Retrograde

Mercury will be retrograde from January 5 - January 25, 2016.  This is generally not a good time for signing documents or starting important undertakings.   

It is a good time for editing anything that has to do with language and also for doing research.  

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